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Catalog Title Author Category
MI001 An Analysis of the Abhidhammatthasangaha U Thitilla Abhidhamma
MI012 Ananda Metteyya, A Pioneer Western Buddhist Paul Brunton, Ph.D. Biography
MI017 The Brahmajāla Sutta—The Discourse on the All-embracing Net of Views (Extract) Bhikkhu Bodhi Translations
MI003 The Buddha's Teaching of Selflessness Nyanaponika Thera (Editor) Three Marks of Existence
MI005 Buddhism and Sound Pollution Bhikkhu Nyanatusita Buddhism & Today’s World
MI004 Buddhism, Science and Atheism Douglas M. Burns, MD Philosophy & Psychology
MI006 Does Rebirth Make Sense? Bhikkhu Bodhi Expositions & Studies
MI008 Forest Monasteries and Meditation Centres in Sri Lanka Bhikkhu Nyanatusita Miscellaneous
MI010 From a Simple Bowl of Porridge Punnadhammo, Ven. Ajahn Biography
MI014 Great Chronicle of Buddhas Ven. Mingun Sayadaw Introductory
MI007 A Guide to the Udāna Ernesto Fernando Expositions & Studies
MI015 Information about Meditation Centres in Sri Lanka (2013) Bhikkhu Nyanatusita Miscellaneous
MI009 Language, Thought, and Logical Paradoxes Douglas M. Burns, MD Philosophy & Psychology
MI018 The Mahānidāna Sutta—The Great Discourse on Causation (Exctract) Bhikkhu Bodhi Translations
MI022 Meditation Upon the Thirty-two Parts of the Body Dharma Dorje and Dharma Pearl Meditation & Mind Training
MI011 Nyanaponika Bhikkhu Bodhi Biography
MI002 Profile of the Buddhist Publication Society Andrea Miller Miscellaneous
MI013 Reference Table of Pali Literature Bhikkhu Nyanatusita Pali and Sanskrit Study
MI019 The Sāmaññaphala Sutta—The Discourse on the Fruits of Recluseship (Extract) Bhikkhu Bodhi Translations