BPS Fonts

BPS uses free or open source fonts, often modified to include diacritical characters for use with Pali and (some) Sanskrit. We use different font encodings for our on-line and printed publications.

Printed publications use a special “BPS” family of fonts. These feature the Pali diacritical characters (such as a-macron or m-dot-below) mapped to the lower 256 character positions. It was necessary to create these fonts because our publishing software (Framemaker® 5.5.6 or Pagemaker® 6.5 or 7.0) do not support Unicode. The BPS encoding is shown below.

16x16 character table, TimesBPS font

For on-line publications (web pages and PDF documents), Unicode-compliant fonts are used. Note that many unicode fonts do not include Pali and Sanskrit characters. For this reason, BPS often edits the standard font to include the Pali characters. (Font editing software: Fontforge by George Williams, running under Cygwin.)

The following Pali fonts are used in the BPS Online Library:

URW Palladio ITU * (also available from http://www.sanskritweb.net/fonts/index.html)
URW Palladio Pali *, an 8-bit font, is also available from the above site)
VU Arial Plus (also available from the above site)

* Archives contain both TrueType (ttf) and Open Type (otf) fonts.

Other Pali and Sanskrit fonts may be downloaded from the following sites: