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Women’s Buddhism, Buddhism’s Women

Tradition, Revision, Renewal

By Ellison Banks Findly, (Ed.)

Here, a diverse array of scholars, activists, and practitioners explores how women have always managed to sustain a vital place for themselves within the tradition and continue to bring about change in the forms, practices, and institutions of Buddhism. in essays ranging from the scholarly to the personal, Women’s Buddhism, Buddhism’s Women describes how women have significantly shaped Buddhism to meet their own needs and the demands of contemporary life.

Catalogue No.  02002021  Language:  English
Publisher:  Wisdom Publications
Type: Book  Category:  Women and Buddhism, Pali and Sanskrit Study
Keywords:  Women's Studies, Buddhism
ISBN:  0 86171165 3  (2014)  (Paperback)  Pages:  512
Size: 165 x 229 mm

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