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The Meditators’s Atlas

A Roadmap of the Inner World

By Matthew Flickstein, Foreword by Henepola Gunaratna Thera (“Bhante G.”)

Formerly titled Swallowing the River Ganges and now totally revised, The Meditator's Atlas truly is a comprehensive and trustworthy “roadmap of the inner world” for anyone who meditates. Flickstein uses the Path of Purification and the Four Foundations of Minfulness to help readers make clear sense out of the new, fascinating, and sometimes even frightening states that one may encounter on the long journey to enlightenment.

Catalogue No.  02002057  Language:  English
Publisher:  Wisdom Publications
Type: Book  Category:  Meditation and Mind Training
Keywords:  Eastern Religion, Buddhism
ISBN:  978-0861713370  (2007)  (Paperback)  Pages:  192
Size: 152 x 224 mm

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