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Money, Sex, War, Karma

Notes for a Buddhist Revolution

By David Loy

In little time, Loy has become one of the Buddhist worldview’s most powerful advocates, explaining like no one else its ability to transform the sociopolitical landscape of the modern world. In this, his most accessible work to date, he offers sharp and even shockingly clear presentations of oft-misunderstood Buddhist staples-the working of karma, the nature of self, the causes of trouble on both the individual and societal levels-and the real reasons behind our collective sense of “never enough,” whether it’s time, money, sex, security — even war.

Catalogue No.  02002065  Language:  English
Publisher:  Wisdom Publications
Type: Book  Category:  Buddhist History and Culture
Keywords:  Cuurrent Events, Eastern Relig
ISBN:  978-0861715589  (2016)  (Paperback)  Pages:  160
Size: 150 x 229 mm

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