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Guide through the Abhidhamma Pitaka

A Synopsis of the Philosophical Collection of the Theravada Buddhist Canon

By Nyanatiloka Mahathera

This book contains an outline or synopsis of the seven books of the advanced analytical collection of the Pali Canon, the Abhidhamma Pitaka. Each of the seven books of this collection is introduced and then systematically summarised by the renowned German scholar-monk Nyanatiloka Mahathera. The principal aim of this book is to clarify the structure of the Abhidhamma works, most of which are quite large and complex, and thus aid the study of them. As a further aid, tables to clarify the factors of consciousness, etc, have been included as an appendix. This book is indispensable for students of Abhidhamma as well as for those who wish to get an introduction to and overview of the Abhidhamma Pitaka.

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Catalogue No.  BP302S  Language:  English
Publisher:  Buddhist Publication Society
Type: Book  Category:  Abhidhamma
ISBN:  978-955-24-0321-7  (2020)  (Paperback)  Pages:  262
Size: 145 x 220 mm

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