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Morals in the Life Story of the Buddha

Children’s Workbook

By Margaret Lisa Knight

This book contains a set of stories from the life of the Buddha told in simple modern English familiar to today’s youth, both Buddhist and non-Buddhist.

Along with each story are the Buddha’s words from the Dhammapada or another Buddhist text highlighting the moral illustrated by the story, and a detailed Dharma discussion. Students can easily relate to the discussions that directly show them how to apply the moral to their day-to-day life with its modern challenges. Crucial values for developing wholesomeness are the topics of these discussions. In addition, there are questions, games, quizzes, puzzles, and other entertaining activities to help students remember and apply the teachings.

These stories are suitable for the student to enjoy independently, or for younger students to enjoy together with a parent. This book makes the Dharma come alive in every aspect of a child’s life.

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Catalogue No.  BPC04  Language:  English
Publisher:  Buddhist Publication Society
Type: Book  Category:  Children’s Books
ISBN:  978-955-24-0348-4  (2010)  (Paperback)  Pages:  218
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