Sacred Island

A Buddhist Pilgrim’s Guide to Sri Lanka

By:  S. Dhammika

This travel and pilgrimage guidebook is meant primarily for Buddhists or those interested in Buddhism who wish to explore Sri Lanka’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of the island, the author weaves together archaeological findings, art history and the stories and legends of the Buddhist tradition to bring to life thirty-three places of religious significance.

He also offers practical advice on how to travel in Sri Lanka and what the visitor can do to learn more about Buddhism and meditation. Besides lively descriptions, this book also contains detailed maps, illustrations as well as colour pictures of the sacred sites, making it interesting reading too for those who canít visit the sites themselves.

Sacred Island

Catalogue No.  BP617S  Language:  English
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ISBN:  978-955-24-0271-5  (2018)  (Paperback)
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