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Publication WH006/007 Four Sublime States and The Practice of Loving Kindness by Bhikkhu Nyanamoli & Nyanaponika is available in the following format(s).

Wheel 006/007 has been re-issued as BP225S
It is also included in A Vision of Dhamma, BP414S.


The BPS online library's publications are all typeset in URW Palladio ITU, an easy-to-read font similar to Palatino. Though not fully Unicode-compliant, URW Palladio ITu contains the less common character glyphs in the range “Latin Extended Additional”, which contains the dotted letters required by Pali. Most modern Unicode-compliant fonts can display these characters.

About E-Publication (EPUB) format

Epubs are essentially mini-websites that have been compressed into .zip format. They contain special indexes and other files for the table of contents, graphic images, etc. BPS epubs were created using Sigil. Many browsers have add-ons that enable epubs to be displayed.

How to format EPUB documents for reading on various devices

Since there are many proprietary formats for epubs (e.g., Amazon Kindle® or Barnes & Noble Nook®) it would be nearly impossible for BPS to provide different formats for every conceivable reader in existence. Nevertheless, epubs can be converted using the free software Calibre, which incidentally contains an excellent epub reader, editor, and library manager.

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