All Wheel Publications in the BPS Library
(sorted by title)

Catalog Title Author Category
WH420/422 Ananda Metteyya: His Life and Mission Elizabeth J. Harris Biography
WH380 Buddha and Christ as Religious Teachers Lily de Silva Comparative Studies
WH419 Buddha's Encounters with Mara Ananda W.P. Guruge Buddhist Literature
WH041 Buddhism and Peace K.N. Jayatilleke Buddhism & Today’s World
WH399/401 Buddhism in Myanmar, A Short History Roger Bischoff Buddhist Countries
WH197 Buddhist Broadcast Talks V.F. Gunaratna Dhamma Reflections
WH402/404 Buddhist Ceremonies and Rituals of Sri Lanka A.G.S. Kariyawasam Buddhist History & Culture
WH165/166 Buddhist Doctrine of Nibbana Francis Story, & P. Vajiranana Thera Specific Teachings
WH446/447 Buddhist Essays — 1 Prof. Dhammavihari Thera Women & Buddhism
WH130/131 Buddhist Monk's Discipline Bhikkhu Khantipalo Monastic Life
WH102/103 Buddhist Reflections on Death V.F. Gunaratna Dhamma Reflections
WH443/445 Buddhist Women Meditators of Sri Lanka Helle Snell Meditation & Mind Training
WH205 City of the Mind Nyanaponika Thera Dhamma Reflections
WH381/383 Coming Buddha, Ariya Metteyya U Chit Tin Buddhist Literature
WH015 Dependent Origination Ven. Piyadassi Thera Specific Teachings
WH412/413 Dhamma Theory Y. Karunadasa Philosophy & Psychology
WH386/387 Edicts of King Asoka S. Dhammika Buddhist History & Culture
WH384/385 Essential Practice Part II Webu Sayadaw Meditation & Mind Training
WH162/164 Facets of Buddhist Thought K.N. Jayatilleke Philosophy & Psychology
WH438/440 Facing the Future Bhikkhu Bodhi Buddhism & Today’s World
WH462 Four Planes of Existence in Theravada Buddhism Dr. Na Rangsi Sunthorn Philosophy & Psychology
WH342/344 Gemstones of the Good Dhamma S. Dhammika Translations
WH074/075 German Buddhist Writers Nyanaponika Thera Dhamma Reflections
WH 177 The Girim?nanda Sutta Nyanamoli Thera Translations
WH004 The Greatest Adventure David Maurice Introductory
WH349/350 Inspiration from Enlightened Nuns Susan Elbaum Jootla Monastic Life
WH351/353 Jhanas in Theravada Buddhist Meditation Henepola Gunaratana Thera Meditation & Mind Training
WH425/427 Kamma, Rebirth, Samsara Ashin U Ottama Specific Teachings
WH461 Letter from Māra Punnadhammo, Ven. Ajahn Dhamma Reflections
WH390/391 Lion’s Roar Nyanamoli Thera Translations
WH115 Lives of the Disciples Part I Hellmuth Hecker Biography
WH405/406 Maha Kaccana: Master of Doctrinal Exposition Bhikkhu Bodhi Biography
WH345 Maha Kassapa Hellmuth Hecker Biography
WH031/032 Manual of Insight Ledi Sayadaw Meditation & Mind Training
WH360/361 Matrceta’s Hymn to the Buddha S. Dhammika Buddhist Literature
WH135 Message of the Saints V.F. Gunaratna Dhamma Reflections
WH054 Mirror of the Dhamma Narada Mahathera, Kassapa Thera Introductory
WH407/408 Nibbana as Living Experience Lily de Silva Specific Teachings
WH423/424 Night and Morning with Bhikkhu Tissa Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano Introductory
WH259/260 Nourishing the Roots and Other Essays on Buddhist Ethics Bhikkhu Bodhi Dhamma Reflections
WH052/053 Pathways of Buddhist Thought Nyanamoli Thera Dhamma Reflections
WH435 Real Facts of Life Sumano Tong Three Marks of Existence
WH251/253 The Roots of Good and Evil Nyanaponika Thera Specific Teachings
WH010 Sakka’s Quest Sister Vajira Translations
WH318/321 Samyutta Nikaya: An Anthology - Part III M.O’C. Walshe Translations
WH183/185 Samyutta Nikaya: An Anthology II Ven. Nyanananda Thera Translations
WH372 Scale of Good Deeds Susan Elbaum Jootla Dhamma Reflections
WH061/062 Simile of the Cloth and the Discourse on Effacement Nyanaponika Thera Translations
WH397/398 Simple Guide to Life Robert Bogoda Ethics
WH448/449 Talks on Buddhist Meditation Godwin Samararatne Meditation & Mind Training
WH414/416 Teacher of the Devas Susan Elbaum Jootla Dhamma Reflections
WH436/437 Therigatha: A Revaluation Vijitha Rajapakse Buddhist Literature
WH132/134 Touching The Essence Dhammapala Thera Philosophy & Psychology
WH409/411 Treatise on the Paramis Dhammapala Thera Buddhist Literature
WH363/364 Two Dialogues on Dhamma Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano Introductory
WH392/393 Violence and Disruption in Society Elizabeth J. Harris Buddhism & Today’s World
WH464 Walking Meditation Nyanadhammo, Brahmavamso, Dorje Meditation & Mind Training
WH126 Way of the Noble T.W Perera Dhamma Reflections
WH065/066 Way of Wisdom Edward Conze Specific Teachings
WH441/442 Way to the Happiness and Peace Sayadaw U Pandita Meditation & Mind Training
WH463 Wise Reflection Steve Weissman Meditation & Mind Training
WH241/242 The Worn-Out Skin Nyanaponika Thera Dhamma Reflections