All Wheel Publications in the BPS Library
(sorted by title)

Catalog Title Author Category
WH322/323 Abhidhamma in Practice N.K.G. Mendis Abhidhamma
WH033 Advice To Rahula Nyanaponika Thera (Editor) Translations
WH063/064 Aids To Abhidhamma Philosophy Dr. C.B. Dharmasena Abhidhamma
WH070/072 Anagarika Dharmapala Sangharakshita Thera Biography
WH217/220 Analysis of the Pali Canon Russell Webb Buddhist Literature
WH420/422 Ananda Metteyya: His Life and Mission Elizabeth J. Harris Biography
WH273/274 Ānanda Hellmuth Hecker Biography
WH334 Anathapindika The Great Benefactor Hellmuth Hecker Biography
WH011 Anatta and Nibbana Nyanaponika Thera Three Marks of Existence
WH155/158 Anguttara Nikaya: An Anthology I Nyanaponika Thera Translations
WH208/211 Anguttara Nikaya: An Anthology II Nyanaponika Thera Translations
WH238/240 Anguttara Nikaya: An Anthology III Nyanaponika Thera Translations
WH362 Anuruddha: Master of the Divine Eye Hellmuth Hecker Biography
WH098/099 Apannaka Sutta, Cula Malunkya Sutta, Upali Sutta Narada and Mahinda Thera Translations
WH195/196 Aspects of Buddhism in Indian History Lal Mani Joshi Buddhist Countries
WH128/129 Aspects of Buddhist Social Philosophy K.N. Jayatilleke Philosophy & Psychology
WH127 Aspects of Reality as Thought by Theravada Buddhism G.P. Malalasekera Philosophy & Psychology
WH271/272 Bag of bones Bhikkhu Khantipalo Meditation & Mind Training
WH313/315 Beginnings: The Pali Suttas Samanera Bodhesako Buddhist Literature
WH215 Birth, Life and Death of the Ego Carlo Gragnani Philosophy & Psychology
WH073 The Blessings of Pindapata Bhikkhu Khantipalo Monastic Life
WH150/151 Brahmanism, Buddhism and Hinduism Lal Mani Joshi Comparative Studies
WH380 Buddha and Christ as Religious Teachers Lily de Silva Comparative Studies
WH433/434 Buddha and His Dhamma Bhikkhu Bodhi Introductory
WH189/190 Buddha on Meditation and Higher States of Consciousness Daniel Goleman Meditation & Mind Training
WH022 Buddha The Healer Dr. A. Nimalasuria Philosophy & Psychology
WH419 Buddha's Encounters with Mara Ananda W.P. Guruge Buddhist Literature
WH112 Buddha's Last Bequest Bhikkhu Khantipalo Buddhist Literature
WH428/430 Buddha's Teaching in His Own Words Nyanamoli Thera Introductory
WH248/249 Buddha's Words on Kamma Nyanamoli Thera Specific Teachings
WH005 Buddha—His Life and Teaching Ven. Piyadassi Thera Biography
WH016 Buddhism and Christianity Hellmuth von Glasenapp Comparative Studies
WH275/276 Buddhism and Christianity: A Positive Approach M.O’C. Walshe Comparative Studies
WH111 Buddhism and Comparative Religion Hellmuth von Glasenapp Comparative Studies
WH261 Buddhism And Death M.O’C. Walshe Specific Teachings
WH041 Buddhism and Peace K.N. Jayatilleke Buddhism & Today’s World
WH003 Buddhism And Science K.N. Jayatilleke Comparative Studies
WH225 Buddhism and Sex M.O’C. Walshe Ethics
WH285/286 Buddhism and Social Action Ken Jones Buddhism & Today’s World
WH265 Buddhism and Society Heinz Bechert Buddhism & Today’s World
WH036/037 Buddhism and The Age Of Science U Chan Htoon Introductory
WH047 Buddhism and The God Idea Nyanaponika Thera Comparative Studies
WH200/201 Buddhism and the Race Question Prof. K.N. Jayatilleke & G.P. Mal Buddhism & Today’s World
WH399/401 Buddhism in Myanmar, A Short History Roger Bischoff Buddhist Countries
WH290/291 Buddhism in Psychotherapy Seymour Boorstein, O.G. Deatherage Philosophy & Psychology
WH124/125 Buddhism in South India H. Dharmaratana Thera Buddhist History & Culture
WH100 Buddhism in Sri Lanka H.R. Perera Buddhist Countries
WH085/086 Buddhism in Thailand, Its Past And Present Karuna Kusalasaya Buddhist Countries
WH216 Buddhist Attitude to Other Religions K.N. Jayatilleke Comparative Studies
WH197 Buddhist Broadcast Talks V.F. Gunaratna Dhamma Reflections
WH152/154 Buddhist Catechism Subhadra Thera Introductory
WH402/404 Buddhist Ceremonies and Rituals of Sri Lanka A.G.S. Kariyawasam Buddhist History & Culture
WH113/114 Buddhist Commentarial Literature Lakshmi R. Gunasekere Buddhist Literature
WH165/166 Buddhist Doctrine of Nibbana Francis Story, & P. Vajiranana Thera Specific Teachings
WH446/447 Buddhist Essays — 1 Prof. Dhammavihari Thera Women & Buddhism
WH294/295 The Buddhist Layman R. Bogoda, S.E. Jootla, & M.O’C. Walshe Ethics
WH088/089 Buddhist Meditation and Depth Psychology Douglas M. Burns, MD Meditation & Mind Training
WH130/131 Buddhist Monk's Discipline Bhikkhu Khantipalo Monastic Life
WH346/348 Buddhist Perspectives on the Ecocrisis Klas Sandell Buddhism & Today’s World
WH331/333 Buddhist Philosophy of Relations Ledi Sayadaw Abhidhamma
WH102/103 Buddhist Reflections on Death V.F. Gunaratna Dhamma Reflections
WH287/289 Buddhist Stories from the Dhammapada Commentary I Eugene Watson Burlingame Buddhist Literature
WH324/325 Buddhist Stories from the Dhammapada Commentary II Eugene Watson Burlingame Buddhist Literature
WH335/336 Buddhist Stories from the Dhammapada Commentary III Eugene Watson Burlingame Buddhist Literature
WH354/356 Buddhist Stories from the Dhammapada Commentary IV Eugene Watson Burlingame Buddhist Literature
WH137/138 The Buddhist Wheel Symbol T.B. Karunaratne Buddhist History & Culture
WH292/293 Buddhist Women at the Time of the Buddha Hellmuth Hecker Biography
WH443/445 Buddhist Women Meditators of Sri Lanka Helle Snell Meditation & Mind Training
WH012/013 Case For Rebirth Francis Story Kamma & Rebirth
WH205 City of the Mind Nyanaponika Thera Dhamma Reflections
WH281 Colonel Olcott, His Service to Buddhism B.P. Kirthisinghe & M.P. Amarasuriya Biography
WH381/383 Coming Buddha, Ariya Metteyya U Chit Tin Buddhist Literature
WH250 Concept and Meaning Charles F. Knight & Carlo Gragnani Dhamma Reflections
WH303/304 Contemplation of Feelings Nyanaponika Thera Meditation & Mind Training
WH258 The Contemporary Relevance Of Buddhist Philosophy K.N. Jayatilleke Philosophy & Psychology
WH044 Contribution of Buddhism to World Culture Soma Thera Miscellaneous
WH367/369 Dana: The Practice of Giving Bhikkhu Bodhi Ethics
WH015 Dependent Origination Ven. Piyadassi Thera Specific Teachings
WH018 Devotion In Buddhism Nyanaponika Thera Faith & Devotion
WH412/413 Dhamma Theory Y. Karunadasa Philosophy & Psychology
WH080/081 Dialogues On The Dhamma Francis Story Introductory
WH212/214 Dimensions of Buddhist Thought Francis Story Introductory
WH326/328 Directing to Self-Penetration Acharn Kor Khao-Suan-Luang Meditation & Mind Training
WH082 Discourse Collection John D. Ireland Translations
WH377/379 Discourse on Right View Nyanamoli Thera Translations
WH104 Early Buddhism And The Taking Of Life I.B. Horner Ethics
WH042/043 Early Western Buddhists Francis Story Buddhist History & Culture
WH386/387 Edicts of King Asoka S. Dhammika Buddhist History & Culture
WH159/161 Edwin Arnold William Peiris Biography
WH045/046 Escape To Reality Ananda Pereira Miscellaneous
WH077/078 Essays and Poems Paul Dahlke Dhamma Reflections
WH375/376 Essential Practice Part I Webu Sayadaw Meditation & Mind Training
WH384/385 Essential Practice Part II Webu Sayadaw Meditation & Mind Training
WH231 Essentials of Buddha Dhamma in Meditative Practice U Ba Khin Meditation & Mind Training
WH175/176 Ethics in Buddhist Perspective K.N. Jayatilleke Ethics
WH014 Everyman's Ethics Narada Thera Ethics
WH269 Exposition of Non-Conflict Nyanamoli Thera Translations
WH162/164 Facets of Buddhist Thought K.N. Jayatilleke Philosophy & Psychology
WH438/440 Facing the Future Bhikkhu Bodhi Buddhism & Today’s World
WH262 Faith In The Buddha's Teaching Soma Thera Faith & Devotion
WH026 The Five Mental Hindrances and Their Conquest Nyanaponika Thera Meditation & Mind Training
WH055 Five Precepts Paul Dahlke Ethics
WH316/317 Flight: An Existential Conception of Buddhism Stephen Batchelor Introductory
WH243/244 Forest Meditations Bhikkhu Khantipalo Dhamma Reflections
WH019 Foundations Of Mindfulness Nyanasatta Thera Meditation & Mind Training
WH034/035 Four Noble Truths Francis Story Specific Teachings
WH105/106 The Four Nutriments of Life Nyanaponika Thera Specific Teachings
WH462 Four Planes of Existence in Theravada Buddhism Dr. Na Rangsi Sunthorn Philosophy & Psychology
WH006/007 Four Sublime States and The Practice of Loving Kindness Bhikkhu Nyanamoli & Nyanaponika Specific Teachings
WH394/396 Fundamentals of Buddhism Nyanatiloka Mahathera Introductory
WH342/344 Gemstones of the Good Dhamma S. Dhammika Translations
WH074/075 German Buddhist Writers Nyanaponika Thera Dhamma Reflections
WH177 Girimananda Sutta Nyanamoli Thera Translations
WH180/181 Gods and the Universe In Buddhist Perspective Francis Story Philosophy & Psychology
WH282/284 Going for Refuge; Taking the Precepts Bhikkhu Bodhi Ethics
WH027/028 Going Forth Sumana Samanera Monastic Life
WH101 The Greater Discourse on the Elephant’s Footprint Nyanaponika Thera Translations
WH087 Greater Discourse on Voidness Nyanamoli Thera Translations
WH004 The Greatest Adventure David Maurice Introductory
WH194 Guide to the Perplexed Donald K. Swearer Meditation & Mind Training
WH199 Human Progress—Reality Or Illusion? Philip M. Eden Buddhism & Today’s World
WH188 Ideal Solitude Ven. Nyanananda Thera Translations
WH349/350 Inspiration from Enlightened Nuns Susan Elbaum Jootla Monastic Life
WH279 Inspiration From The Dhammapada N.K.G. Mendis Dhamma Reflections
WH301/302 Investigation for Insight Susan Elbaum Jootla Meditation & Mind Training
WH351/353 Jhanas in Theravada Buddhist Meditation Henepola Gunaratana Thera Meditation & Mind Training
WH008 Kalama Sutta Soma Thera Translations
WH221/224 Kamma and its Fruit Nyanaponika Thera Kamma & Rebirth
WH425/427 Kamma, Rebirth, Samsara Ashin U Ottama Specific Teachings
WH079 Kandaraka Sutta; Potaliya Sutta Narada and Mahinda Thera Translations
WH009 Karma and Rebirth Nyanatiloka Mahathera Kamma & Rebirth
WH057/058 Knowers of Veda-Tevijja Sutta T.W. Rhys Davids Comparative Studies
WH050 Knowledge and Conduct K.N. Jayatilleke Ethics
WH038 Lamp of the Law Soma Thera & Piyadassi Thera Buddhist Literature
WH067/069 Last Days of the Buddha Sister Vajira Translations
WH206/207 Lay Buddhist Practice Bhikkhu Khantipalo Introductory
WH461 Letter from Māra Punnadhammo, Ven. Ajahn Dhamma Reflections
WH312 Life of Angulimala Hellmuth Hecker Biography
WH263/264 Life of Maha Moggallana Hellmuth Hecker Biography
WH090/092 Life of Sariputta Nyanaponika Thera Biography
WH254/256 Life’s Highest Blessings R.L. Soni Ethics
WH029 Light of Asia Edwin Arnold Buddhist Literature
WH390/391 Lion’s Roar Nyanamoli Thera Translations
WH024/025 Live Now! Ananda Pereira Dhamma Reflections
WH115 Lives of the Disciples Part I Hellmuth Hecker Biography
WH373/374 Looking Inward Acharn Kor Khao-Suan-Luang Meditation & Mind Training
WH405/406 Maha Kaccana: Master of Doctrinal Exposition Bhikkhu Bodhi Biography
WH345 Maha Kassapa Hellmuth Hecker Biography
WH031/032 Manual of Insight Ledi Sayadaw Meditation & Mind Training
WH431/432 Manual of Mindfulness of Breathing Ledi Sayadaw Meditation & Mind Training
WH360/361 Matrceta’s Hymn to the Buddha S. Dhammika Buddhist Literature
WH257 Meanderings of the Wheel of the Dhamma Nathan Katz Buddhist History & Culture
WH135 Message of the Saints V.F. Gunaratna Dhamma Reflections
WH365/366 Metta the Philosophy & Practice of Universal Love Acharya Buddharakkhita Specific Teachings
WH234/236 Miracle of Being Awake Thich Nhat Hanh Meditation & Mind Training
WH054 Mirror of the Dhamma Narada Mahathera, Kassapa Thera Introductory
WH170 Mudita: The Buddha's Teaching on Unselfish Joy Nyanaponika Thera Specific Teachings
WH023 The Nature and Purpose of the Ascetic Ideal Ronald Fussell Dhamma Reflections
WH407/408 Nibbana as Living Experience Lily de Silva Specific Teachings
WH423/424 Night and Morning with Bhikkhu Tissa Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano Introductory
WH117/119 Nirvana, Nihilism and Satori Douglas M. Burns, MD Comparative Studies
WH245/247 Noble Eightfold Path and Its Factors Explained Ledi Sayadaw Specific Teachings
WH308/311 The Noble Eightfold Path Bhikkhu Bodhi Introductory
WH198 Noble Quest I.B. Horner Translations
WH259/260 Nourishing the Roots and Other Essays on Buddhist Ethics Bhikkhu Bodhi Dhamma Reflections
WH120 On True Sacrifice T.W. Rhys Davids Translations
WH337/338 One Foot in the World Lily de Silva Buddhism & Today’s World
WH056 Ordination In Theravada Buddhism J.F. Dickson Monastic Life
WH305/307 Paccekabuddha: A Buddhist Ascetic Ria Kloppenborg Specific Teachings
WH052/053 Pathways of Buddhist Thought Nyanamoli Thera Dhamma Reflections
WH182 Philosophy of the Atthakavagga P.D. Premasiri Philosophy & Psychology
WH280 Position of Women in Buddhism L.S. Dewaraja Women & Buddhism
WH121/122 The Power of Mindfulness Nyanaponika Thera Meditation & Mind Training
WH116 Practical Advice for Meditators Bhikkhu Khantipalo Meditation & Mind Training
WH139 Prayer and Worship Francis Story Faith & Devotion
WH136 The Problem of Sin P. M. Rao Philosophy & Psychology
WH179 Psychological Aspect of Buddhism Ven. Piyadassi Thera Philosophy & Psychology
WH237 The Psychology of Emotions in Buddhist Perspective P.D. Premasiri Philosophy & Psychology
WH039/040 Purification of Character Dr. C.B. Dharmasena & Bhikkhu Vimalo Meditation & Mind Training
WH110 Ratthapala Sutta Nyanamoli Thera Translations
WH388/389 Reading the Mind Acharn Kor Khao-Suan-Luang Meditation & Mind Training
WH435 Real Facts of Life Sumano Tong Three Marks of Existence
WH167/169 Rebirth Explained V.F. Gunaratna Specific Teachings
WH021 Removal of Distracting Thoughts Soma Thera Meditation & Mind Training
WH171/174 The Requisites of Enlightenment Ledi Sayadaw Specific Teachings
WH251/253 The Roots of Good and Evil Nyanaponika Thera Specific Teachings
WH010 Sakka’s Quest Sister Vajira Translations
WH107/109 Samyutta Nikaya: An Anthology - Part I John D. Ireland Translations
WH318/321 Samyutta Nikaya: An Anthology - Part III M.O’C. Walshe Translations
WH183/185 Samyutta Nikaya: An Anthology II Ven. Nyanananda Thera Translations
WH060 The Satipatthana Sutta V.F. Gunaratna Meditation & Mind Training
WH370/371 Satipatthana Vipassana Mahasi Sayadaw Meditation & Mind Training
WH372 Scale of Good Deeds Susan Elbaum Jootla Dhamma Reflections
WH144/146 Schopenhauer and Buddhism Nyanajivako Thera Philosophy & Psychology
WH268 Second Discourse Of the Buddha On The Non-Self Characteristic N.K.G. Mendis Three Marks of Existence
WH001 The Seven Factors Of Enlightenment Ven. Piyadassi Thera Specific Teachings
WH140 Significance of Dependent Origination Nyanatiloka Mahathera Specific Teachings
WH123 The Significance of the Four Noble Truths V.F. Gunaratna Specific Teachings
WH178 Significance Of Vesak K.N. Jayatilleke Miscellaneous
WH061/062 Simile of the Cloth and the Discourse on Effacement Nyanaponika Thera Translations
WH397/398 Simple Guide to Life Robert Bogoda Ethics
WH095/097 Sixty Songs of Milarepa C.C. Chang Buddhist Literature
WH048/049 Snake Simile [Alagaddupama Sutta] Nyanaponika Thera Translations
WH059 Stories of Old Nyanamoli Thera Monastic Life
WH141/143 Survival And Karma In Buddhist Perspective K.N. Jayatilleke Kamma & Rebirth
WH448/449 Talks on Buddhist Meditation Godwin Samararatne Meditation & Mind Training
WH051 Taming The Mind Nyanaponika Thera (Editor) Meditation & Mind Training
WH357/359 Taste of Freedom Ajahn Chah Meditation & Mind Training
WH414/416 Teacher of the Devas Susan Elbaum Jootla Dhamma Reflections
WH226/230 A Technique of Living Leonard A. Bullen Meditation & Mind Training
WH329/330 Therapeutic Action of Vipassana Paul R. Fleischman Meditation & Mind Training
WH436/437 Therigatha: A Revaluation Vijitha Rajapakse Buddhist Literature
WH298/300 Thoughts on the Dhamma Mahasi Sayadaw Dhamma Reflections
WH186/187 Three Basic Facts of Existence I Nyanaponika Thera Three Marks of Existence
WH191/193 Three Basic Facts of Existence II Nyanaponika Thera Three Marks of Existence
WH202/204 Three Basic Facts of Existence III Nyanaponika Thera Three Marks of Existence
WH017 Three Cardinal Discourses of the Buddha Nyanamoli Thera Translations
WH020 Three Signata O.H. De A. Wijesekera Three Marks of Existence
WH270 Three Symbolic Ways of Life Carlo Gragnani Dhamma Reflections
WH076 The Threefold Refuge Nyanaponika Thera Faith & Devotion
WH132/134 Touching The Essence Dhammapala Thera Philosophy & Psychology
WH339/341 The Tragic, the Comic, and the Personal Nyanavira Thera Dhamma Reflections
WH277/278 Transcendental Dependent Arising Bhikkhu Bodhi Dhamma Reflections
WH409/411 Treatise on the Paramis Dhammapala Thera Buddhist Literature
WH094 Truth of Anatta G.P. Malalasekera Three Marks of Existence
WH363/364 Two Dialogues on Dhamma Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano Introductory
WH093 Vaisakha Offering J.J. Jones Buddhist Literature
WH232/233 Value of Buddhism for the Modern World Dr. Howard L. Parsons Introductory
WH417/418 Vangisa—An Early Buddhist Poet John D. Ireland Buddhist Literature
WH002 Vedanta And Buddhism Hellmuth von Glasenapp Philosophy & Psychology
WH392/393 Violence and Disruption in Society Elizabeth J. Harris Buddhism & Today’s World
WH464 Walking Meditation Nyanadhammo, Brahmavamso, Dorje Meditation & Mind Training
WH126 Way of the Noble T.W Perera Dhamma Reflections
WH065/066 Way of Wisdom Edward Conze Specific Teachings
WH441/442 Way to the Happiness and Peace Sayadaw U Pandita Meditation & Mind Training
WH266/267 Wayfaring Sobin S. Namto Meditation & Mind Training
WH147/149 Wheel of Birth and Death Bhikkhu Khantipalo Specific Teachings
WH463 Wise Reflection Steve Weissman Meditation & Mind Training
WH083/084 With Robes and Bowl Bhikkhu Khantipalo Monastic Life
WH453/454 Woman In Buddhism Prof. Dhammavihari Thera Women & Buddhism
WH030 Women In Early Buddhist Literature I.B. Horner Women & Buddhism
WH296/297 World’s True Welfare Vidagama Maitreyya Thera Buddhist Literature
WH241/242 The Worn-Out Skin Nyanaponika Thera Dhamma Reflections