Pali and Buddhist Study

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Links for Sutta Study

Though incomplete, this version contains translations in English, Polish, and Sinhala, as well as the original Pali in Roman script.
Buddha's Words
A downloadable virtual web site containing the Dhamma-Vinaya in various popular translations.

Links for Pali Study

Buddha jayanthi Tipitaka
A Roman letter edition of the Pāḷi BJT is available. This consists of .docx files in a compressed 15.7MB 7-zip archive.
BJT (Sinhala)
A dual-language sinhalesse version, in PDF format
Burmese 6th Council Tipitaka
This is the Vipassana Research institute edition, available in a number of ascripts: Roman, Sinhala, Devanagiri, etc.

Other Pali utilities

Pali Names
A listing of the proper names found in the suttas


New Releases from BPS

New from Other Publrs.

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